Butler House on Grand is for sale. We are still taking reservations through AirBnB but only taking bookings no more than a month out since the property is for sale.

Click here to see the sales listing.

For eighteen years Clark and Lauren greeted guests and made breakfast every morning. In 2016 Lauren passed away and Clark tried to operate the B&B for the next year. Clark discovered it wasn't as much fun without her. Clark also fell in love again and recently married and moved out of Butler House on Grand. The property has been changed to an AirBnB property. Clark is not on the premise and no longer serves breakfast. But you can still enjoy the beauty of the house and the close proximity to everywhere.

Lots to do nearby!

There is so much to see and do in Des Moines. Butler House on Grand is located directly across from the Des Moines Art Center and Greenwood Park. Greenwood Park has a lovely rose garden, walking trails, swimming pool, playground equipment and a beautiful pond designed by world renowned landscape artist, Mary Miss. Bring your bike, if you want. We have a great bike trail that starts across the street too!

You will find restaurant recommendations, plays, sporting events and upcoming special events on the Visitor Info page.

The Smith's are ready to assist you in making your stay enjoyable. We would be delighted to give restaurant recommendations or make reservations. If you are coming for business we do have WiFi in the B&B!